Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This past year has been nothing but a big load of crazy!!!

Since Last Thursday poor Little Miss Cain (who is 7 going on 20) has gotten a strep skin rash, sprained her ankle on the school playground, and developed a viral upper respiratory infection. This kid this week has about driven me nuts!! She is home until the 18th and on medication. I am so thankful Hubby has darn good insurance! I told Little Miss she doesn't need to get hurt again! I have to go to the school tomorrow morning to get her make up work. Then going into town to talk with the area Girl Scouts troop leader to figure out how we are going to work on the New Prospect Troop. These girls are just hanging in the air with no troop and it is driving me bonkers.

R is so excited to be starting Girl Scouts. She endured walking 2 hours on Crutches last Saturday in order to hang out with a local troop. She did really good. I can't say I did as I wasn't expecting to go for a hike and was definitely not expecting to get lost for 2 hours while the Troop leader figured out where we needed to go.

I am trying to get to writing but can't figure out how to set up my live writer on my pc to go to this blog. I am trying! I have been so busy with our new farm that life has been flipped upside down. Crazy cool sometimes.... Hubby has been doing well with work. Still hurts from his car accident but we are working that out too. We have a foster dog Named Izzy. She has her own Facebook page!! Got to figure out how all this linking, tagging, and all that blogging jazz works.

In a few years we will be adding to the farm with a new breed or horse and buildings to hold them. This spring I will be starting English riding lessons in order to show the new breed.

Later this month I will be revealing a BIG SURPRISE!!!! Keep reading and I hope to keep posting.