Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekly WrapUp.... #1

1. Monday we mowed the front lawn and boy did it need it.We had a Vet Visit on Monday for Nova. She is hurting in her hips and back but the Vet put her on more Pain medication and a better antibiotic to treat her UTI that still hasn't left her system. She seems better able most days to get around but its only been less then a week.
2. Tuesday we had a City wide Family's night out. I went but less then an hour out there had to come home. It was to much on my stress level to stay. To many people. T was also being a turd and wouldn't listen at all.
3. Wednesday was slow. Not much done. I got sick with something to do with my sinus' it sucks. But all in all it was ok.
4. Thursday was a little more fun. T and me played but I had to rest a bit too. I am still sick but eh I hope I will live.
5. Friday was eventful. T got a book from the state book program for children. She loves it. We also (even with me sick) went to the Williamson Co. Fair in Franklin. It was fun. T is big enough to ride the bigger rides now. She had a blast. I blew my diet with Fair food. I was ok until the ride home. I had a serious sneezing fit going 70 down the interstate. I was driving. I finally got to where I could pull over for Matt to drive. It was freaking scary. My chest, neck and face hurts from this damned cold.
6.Saturday was a lazy day Matt is off work so he caught a nap. While I am sick he is cooking meals. Its funny.

All in all the week was ok besides my being sick.

Now for dog training weekly wrapup....
1. Monday- Working on Level Book By Sue Ailsby . We started the Come command and the 3 of the 4 girls have it down pretty good. Granted this is calling them from the back yard and they are starting to respond to the command. The Puppy is the one still having issues with it. She doesn't understand what I am asking for but she is 5 months old and learning. With the puppy she has learned how to sit, down and settle. Settle is our crate command. We are working on the release for that one. She has to learn "Settle Zen" before it is successful. At least she doesn't cry at night when in the crate. Now to get her to be calm when we go to let her out. She does this horrible pawing at your feet when she wants you to do something. Toe nails meeting flesh hurts! Working on that too.
2. Tuesday- Girls are getting the come command more and more everyday. Next week we plan on starting to work on just Puppy alone on a 30 + foot lead line. Wish us luck.
3. Wednesday- Zoe is starting to be more and more naughty. Poor puppy is being abused by her. We are deafinatly not leaving them alone to long. We are considering rehomeing Zoe due to this.
4. Thursday- Nova is peeing when she is laying down. Vet says it is because of the UTI we are wondering if it is incontinence. Overall good day.
5. Friday- Good day. Girls all come when called. As a group yes. Singles we need to work on it. All kiddos know their names.
6. Saturday- Grooming day. Went well everyone wanted to be combed even the very short haired pup. They are adorable. Wish I could bathe Nova her butt stinks like pee. Might get some baby wipes to help with that.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome as always.

Beverly and family.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fill In!!!!


1. Life is _hard____.

2. _Just____ keep going.

3. My last text message (or IM) ended in these three words:_are broke again.____.

4. __Steak___ is what I'm thinking about for dinner sometime soon.

5. On the 1st day of August _I got to snuggle with my two favorite people.____

6. __Taylor___ lively and energetic.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _quiet time and a movie____, tomorrow my plans include _training dogs, cleaning house and preparing Matt's birthday cake.____ and Sunday, I want to __Relax and get things clean for the next week.___!

Got this Meme from Friday Fill ins

Question Thrusday.

Once a week I will post a question for my readers to give me advice on.

This weeks question is a Parenting one. 
How should I handle my 3 yr olds temper fits? Most the time she is well behaved but every now and then she will throw a fit that seems to last all day. I am looking for ways to avoid a spanking. I do time outs, taking fun things away, and talking to her. Tell me how you handle when your child has an out burst.

I am a day late I know....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What does family mean to you?

   To me the word means togetherness. Means being there and a support system for when things start falling apart. Family can be blood related or they can be friends that have been there and are so close they are family. They don't bail on you for nothing. You can have a fight with your family be mad for a bit then get over it. 

   Now days people seem to forget what family is. They want to back stab and disrespect one another and just be "evil". How can people do these things and then claim they are family. How can you say your family then turn around and ignore them and forget they exist? Why do families have "black sheep" in them? Why can't they just be a Family?

   I write this because I am hurting. My whole family is a mess. They do nothing but make drama for themselves. Yet they claim I am a drama queen. My "real" family will tell you I am the furtherest thing from that. I want to be close with my mom, dad, and two brothers but I think that is impossible. I always feel uncomfortable around any of them. I feel like I am out of place. So, I have decided to put those who hurt me "at arms length". If anyone wants to be my "family" then they have to start acting like it. No more running at the mouth and back stabbing. No more treating one another like dirt when they are not around. I can't stand for it any more. I just want positive supportive people around me from now on. I have enough problems on my own to deal with then what family member is going to start shit with me this time.