Thursday, August 5, 2010

What does family mean to you?

   To me the word means togetherness. Means being there and a support system for when things start falling apart. Family can be blood related or they can be friends that have been there and are so close they are family. They don't bail on you for nothing. You can have a fight with your family be mad for a bit then get over it. 

   Now days people seem to forget what family is. They want to back stab and disrespect one another and just be "evil". How can people do these things and then claim they are family. How can you say your family then turn around and ignore them and forget they exist? Why do families have "black sheep" in them? Why can't they just be a Family?

   I write this because I am hurting. My whole family is a mess. They do nothing but make drama for themselves. Yet they claim I am a drama queen. My "real" family will tell you I am the furtherest thing from that. I want to be close with my mom, dad, and two brothers but I think that is impossible. I always feel uncomfortable around any of them. I feel like I am out of place. So, I have decided to put those who hurt me "at arms length". If anyone wants to be my "family" then they have to start acting like it. No more running at the mouth and back stabbing. No more treating one another like dirt when they are not around. I can't stand for it any more. I just want positive supportive people around me from now on. I have enough problems on my own to deal with then what family member is going to start shit with me this time. 

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