Friday, June 24, 2011

Life has been so hectic

Raising a active 4 year old isn't easy. I never said it was but boy is he active. I have a bad sunburn due to swimming yesterday. I kept the sunscreen on us both and I ended up burned. At least she had a blast. Today we got to go to the 1.50 theater ( thanks to pop pop) and she got to see HOP and swore to never eat a jelly bean ever. If you haven't seen it when you do you will understand. She is happy and active. I am trying hard to venture out and get involved in things with her. Next week will be a lot of parks with hopfully at least two visits to the pool and maybe one to the movies or rent a redbox movie. I am trying hard to get her out to see other kids. It makes me nervous and anxious but I am trying.

She is tall and I need to measure her. She is weighing in at 37ish lbs she gets frustrated because she is under 40 and stuck in a car seat. She told Matt a couple of days ago she wants to get tall enough to ride on the fair rides. She cracks me up.

Pop Pop is staying with us for a bit and she loves it so much. She can't get enough of him. It is cute watching them together. I am happy to have dad around some more. I missed him.

Matt is doing well got a good job now(had a scare for a few weeks due to a layoff type of issue) and he seems to enjoy it.

Indy is doing good just got to work on excitement issues but doing good. Biscuit is well Biscuit. Love them both but some days geeze worse then a toddler.

All in all things are great and I can't wait for another day. Being sunburnt sucks but life moves on.

Thanks for reading,
Beverly(aka Fox)

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