Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My personal experiance as a single mommy.

I have decided to start blogging again. I miss it horribly.

Things have changed drastically since this post was made. So, I am going to revise it but keep the original post at the bottom. I have since gotten married. 

Me- I am mom, Fox, Mrs. B, or Mrs. A

Hubby- Dad, Mr. M, or Mr. A

The Daughter- R, Little Miss, or whatever name we have decided to call her at that moment.

Then we have the farm animals who we will do a complete post on at a later date. 

A little about us.

Me- I am Fox. I try to keep names out of my blogs so I come up with nick names. I am 27 yrs old and have become a single mommy. I am working on a relationship with an old friend that is taking its time. I am in no rush to get into another relationship. I am a very protective mother. My daughter is my number one and will always be my number one.

Monkey- is also known as Tinker or other names- is 2 years old and the love and center of my life. She is also kept close and protected. I don't let everyone meet her in person. She hasn't seen her father since Sept. 08. That is by his choice. I have tried very hard to keep in contact with him. He has said a few times that he isn't even sure if she is his. I know she is. We are going through a divorce and dealing with establishing paternity. Right now my daughter needs to heal and learn how much she is loved by the ones who love her.

Grand Ma- is my mother age is unknown- she is my back up in my life. I love her no matter how much she may cause me grief by being my mom.

PopPop- is my Father age also unknown- he is a truck driver that tries to see us when he can. We all love him dearly.

Grand Pa- is my step-father age not important- he keeps my mother happy and is currently deployed in Iraq.

Now we have my brothers:

Starting with the oldest

and last but not least

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