Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We have new arrivals!!!!

I had one rat for a pet but she was so lonely as they are social critters. I saw a post on a forum(Rat Forum) I am on for two 5 month old girls for free. I told my mother about them and she let me borrow the battle wagon (a 4-wheel drive excursion) to go get them. I got two dumbo blue girls that are so scared. I was told they are hand tame. They are not. I am working with them though. They love to be fed for sure. I am working on hand taming and gaining trust. I might start a sister blog just for ratty information and antics of these girls. I also might get some boys(fixed of course no unexpected kits) so I can compare and enjoy them too!! I love these guys they are clean and super smart. We have a total of three girls.

Josie- 6 months- self,standard,champagne- she is the first
Ashleigh-5 months- Veriberk,dumbo,blue/white
Sophie-5 months- Berk,dumbo,blue/white

We adore them. I am working on gathering supplies and plans on a new home for them. I can't wait!!!

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