Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am awaiting the email that sets our home visit to foster home a retired greyhound. I am excited and nervous. Along with fostering these wonderful dogs. I may be helping run the website. I am starting to feel that I am useful and needed.

Taylor is in a better mood for the past say two days she has been being a naughty little girl. Pitching fits and hitting are not a good thing at all. She is settling down nicely where we are living and loves Matt and life is starting to feel whole again.

I am starting to see that life was meant to be this way and that it just took me growing up and going through things to make me appreciate what I have more now. One of these days I need to give some background of who Matt is and what he has been to me all these years. Today is not that day. I want to get back into Blogging and Photography and I will work on that. Also I am going to be going back to college. I am going for a degree in Business Management woohoo!!! I am pretty proud of myself for locking down and going back. I will be doing my degree at home. Matt is very supportive of this and wants me to succeed.

We are going to work on getting things worked out on my side of life. (example number one is my divorce) I am happy to finally feel things starting to look up. I do know that I won't let myself sink low again. I need to carry my head high and do what is best for Taylor and Me.

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