Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well I have been sick for about 2 weeks now. Doing better everyday but my lungs and chest hurt from coughing so much. Been busy with dealing with a temperamental 3 year old and 3 crazy furKids.  AAH has kept me busy too. Been going to as many functions as we can. Been putting Dove out there to get her a forever home. I have also been working on finding Taylor a Curriculum for home school.

Taylor is growing like a weed. She is being a pain on top of it. Lately she has been throwing fits and clingy to us. She keeps saying her head hurts and her body hurts. I am thinking it is growing pains. I gave her Motrin but its not easing her attitude. I hope she snaps out of it soon.


The furKids are turds as always. Biscuit and Dove are the older two and are more calm not always but most the time. Sofie is a sock eating terror and she eats them while they are on your feet! I hope she picks up the biting softly training. I want her to use her mouth that is why I am not pushing the NO biting. I want her to learn how to open doors and pick up things so teaching her not to bite would make it hard to teach her to put something in her mouth.

Matt works alot and takes to us being here pretty good. He does things with us for fun when he can. We work together to keep the house clean and He will take Taylor while I go to curves. Lately I have missed Curves due to being sick and not able to breathe.


So that is my update of sorts.


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