Monday, May 17, 2010

I wonder if it shouldn’t be called terrible 3’s instead.

Taylor has been naughty for the past few weeks. This kiddo is going out of her way to get into things that she “knows” not to get into. As soon as she is caught she starts saying sorry. I swear I can’t wait until she figures out this compulsion issue.  The biggest issue I have currently is not her ruining toilet paper or wasting a whole tube of tooth paste on my floor. It is her feeding grapes to the dogs. Grapes are toxic to dogs in large doses. I am not happy with the fact I will more then likely have to stop getting grapes for a while. I am trying to get us eating more healthy and fresh fruit is a big part of our new diet. Grapes are a fave in our house. I just have to stop buying them I guess. Anyone have any tips on keeping a child out of the fridge or even the kitchen in the middle of the night or early mornings. We have a baby gate up but she moved it. I am currently pricing permanent gates to go in the kitchen/living room doorway to keep the dogs in the kitchen and the kid out. I just wish my little girl was the same little girl she was last year. *sigh*

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