Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What the hell is up with this world!!!!

First I find out a friend of mine knows of a child who goes to school with her children is dieing. Now I find out a woman who I have known of for a few years is dealing with a volleyball sized mass in her abdomen and the great wonderful state of Texas turned her away when she asked for help. This woman is a mother of 3 and a dedicated wife. She is someone’s sister, mother, daughter, aunt. They are working towards getting a fundraiser for her. Because she doesn’t have insurance she has to pay it all up front. I mean come on people get your shit together. I just am baffled by this crap. Here where I live if a woman gets something like this they help you. The hospital she was at discharged her.  I REPEAT DISCHARGED HER!!!! This should of been removed as soon as it was found!!!! IT(the mass) has grown rapidly and now is pushing on organs and can kill her.

What is wrong with this system? Obama is pushing healthcare but look someone is falling thru the hoops!!!! I can’t believe this place. I mean if we were illegal aliens here we could get help. But if your white and work for yourself you can’t get SHIT. Someone explain this shit to me. I really want to understand why someone like this woman is dealing with a mass she can’t get removed that just may take her life. It is almost like no one cares. This woman is a stay at home mom that works from home. She is a dedicated mother to 3 little girls that need their mom. This shit has got to stop.

If I had the money to send to this woman to get her to a doctor I would. This woman needs a mere $500 dollars just to be SEEN. I really wish there was something more I could do. I will try my best to donate something. It may not be much but damn it I will do my best!

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